Classification of regulated weapons

4th Category:

Carbines and pistols, semi-automatic shooting and repetition; and double-action revolvers, powered by air or other compressed gas not assimilated to shotguns.

Carbines and pistols, of smooth or striped bore, and of a single shot, and simple action revolvers, air-operated or other compressed gas not assimilated to shotguns.

5th Category:

The white weapons and in general those of cutting or stabbing blade not prohibited. 
Knives or machetes used by military units or which are imitation of them.

7th Category:

6. Revolvers or detonating pistols and flare guns.

Legal age:

For the sale of blank guns, Airsoft replicas, shotguns and pistols of compressed air and knives it is compulsory to be of  legal age and to show it sending a photocopy of the ID card through our contact form (attaching the photocopy of the ID) or to e-mail If we do not receive a photocopy of the ID card, the order will be cancelled and the amount of the order will be returned. In the case of paying through a credit/debit card, the part proportional to the payment fee will be deducted.